The Identity Project Sign up Starting September 19, 2016

The Identity Project is a sixteen (16) week series of weekly luncheons designed for business people that meets in the boardroom of Sterling Communications (see map below) near Lake Oswego, OR.  We meet from 12 noon – 1:30pm where we have a lunch provided, watch a 20 minute biblical teaching, share our lives and prayer concerns, fellowship and we are done promptly in 90 minutes.  Men’s luncheon’s are on Tuesday’s or Wednesdays.  The women’s luncheon is on Thursdays.  Same time, same place.

The Identity Project is unique in that it is a proven program that will help to build, or rebuild your Christian foundation.  It is discipleship in the Gospel of the Kingdom.  Many of us have been disciple in the Gospel of Salvation.  But Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom.  What is the Gospel of the Kingdom?

Not only does it include salvation (the front door so to speak) but then what about after salvation?  What are we saved for?  What are we saved to?  Who am I? Why was I created?  What is my purpose in life?  Along with seeing what the Bible says we will also be taking assessments (questionnaires) that help us discover how uniquely made we are in our makeup, strengths, passions, etc…  “Identity reveals purpose.”  All these and more will be covered in the sixteen weeks.

Some have said ” there must be more to my Christianity than what I’m living!”  There is.  Much more.  Come join us on this great foundational adventure in discovering how uniquely made you are.  And what our heavenly Father has prepared for you to walk into, including an abundant life.

Come to the first meeting and experience  the Identity Project first hand and see if it speaks to you.

Join us on a Spiritual journey and discover your purpose.  Discover the powerful, life affirming Good News, and its deeper personal meaning .

If God is calling you to step up into the next  adventure God has for you, join us by contacting George La Du at  or calling 503.544.6166 cell.

The financial cost is a commitment to $200 per month for four months (16).  No one will be turned away for financial reasons.

BTW, these are small groups of 12 or less.

Map Link:

14945 SW Sequoia Pkwy. Suite 110 Portland OR 97224

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