Many of us have known Jesus Christ as Savior. Forty some years ago, my first year in college, I met a couple of guys from Campus Crusade for Christ. They shared with me The Four Spiritual Laws which I was very glad to understand that I could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. What I understood them to say was, “If you pray this prayer and invite Jesus to come and live inside you then you won’t go to hell.” I thought, man, this is what I need. So I made Him my Savior that day. Not long after praying this prayer and feeling very complete in doing something I knew was missing from my life, I went out with a couple friends, got a lot of beer and continued on in my merry way. I was thinking, “Man, now that I’m not going to hell, let’s party!”

I continued that way for three years. I was on a spiritual roller coaster. And during one of the “dips” on this coaster, I was realizing I’m still missing something. I thought I did everything I was supposed to do, spiritually speaking. If so, then why was my life still a mess? Why was I depressed? How come life didn’t have the meaning that I thought it should? This can’t be the “abundant life” that Jesus promised. Can it?
That’s when I made a commitment to God that I will no longer play act at being a Christian. I was trying to “keep up” with the spiritual “jones” at this church where I was going but it was all an act. I was acting like a Christian.

When I determined I didn’t care what anyone else thought but from now on my relationship with God would be real, authentic, something changed. Unknowingly I made a commitment to God that I would follow Him wherever He led me but it had to be real to me. I felt like He said to me, “George, I never wanted anything else.” From that day on I had made Him the Lord of my life. Lord means boss. Whatever He says goes. I may not know His will but when I do, I will do it. I no longer have a choice. His will now, not mine.
I had given him my will when we made this exchange. It was kind of like the exchange of vows at a wedding. I had chosen (and I wanted) to give up my will for His. It was much like when I said “I do” to my wife on our wedding day forty-one years ago. I was saying, “I give up my will to have any other romantic relationships in my life. You are the only one.” I willingly did it. I wanted to do it. I no longer needed to be convinced. She became my one and only and it’s been a wonderfully amazing life together!

Likewise, with my Lord. When I committed to Him as my Lord, I could now say, “It’s no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me…” Galatians 2:20 I am now able to declare that, “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore, glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1Corithians 6:19-20

If I’m really not my own and it is no longer I who live and He is the boss (Lord) of my life, then I need to accept this new reality. When we make this kind of commitment, God creates a new spiritual reality with me. The above scriptures (and more) are the real truth and I need to accept them, and start walking out that new reality.

What does that mean? And how do I do it?

Have you said or heard the following statements,
I need to surrender more…
Let’s invite Him into our presence…
I give You my all…
I yield myself to You…
Holy Spirit you are welcome in this place…

All of these statements have to do with me, what I can do. It’s not about me but rather what Jesus has already done! I just need to open my eyes and embrace what He has done.

I can’t surrender more. I’m already dead.
I can’t invite Him into my (our) presence, He’s already here.
I’ve already given Him my all, I can’t give anymore.
I can’t yield any more than I already have. Everything.
The Holy Spirit is always with me and I with Him.

We need to realize that it’s not about a process of me doing… It’s about discovering what He has already done. Then walk in it and declare it!

“What I can do” is a servant mentality. He wants us to have a sonship mentality. What I can do speaks of operating under the law. Discovering what He has done speaks of walking in His grace that He has already provided. The focus is Him not me. Me and I speaks of the Old Covenant. What He has done speaks of the New Covenant, a better Covenant.

Now if we mean, I need to be more obedient, when I say I need to surrender more, then we can agree with that. But all in all, let’s take the emphasis off me and what I can do and embrace what He has already done. The devil wants to have us live under the law. Keeping the law is what our carnal man wants to do. “Show me what I can do to be holy,” our flesh says. But when we walk after the Spirit we are affirming it’s about what Jesus has already done. The Apostle Paul deals with this issue in Romans, especially chapters 7 & 8.

Let’s be clear, we are sons of God who serve Him and His people. My office is a son of God. My function is service. There is a big difference in being a son than being a servant! Are you a servant who serves or a son that serves? The son has an inheritance, a servant doesn’t. A son “runs” the family business, a servant serves in it only. A son walks in authority and a servant responds to authority.

So, let’s press on to seek Him and keep asking the Holy Spirit to give us revelation of what He has already done, what He has already accomplished for us that we might walk in that.


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