ONE who thinks this way believes that we are joint heirs with Jesus Christ, He is our elder brother Ro. 8:17 (1) and we are charged with “…finishing the works of him who sent me.” Jn. 4:34 (2)

This mindset expects to “walk in the miraculous, perform the supernatural and fulfill the mandate that “…greater works will you do…” Jn. 14:22, Is. 61: 1-3 (3)

This mindset expects to bring heaven down on earth “… thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” Matt. 6:9 (4) and although we do sin we are not sinners in the sense that 2Co.5:17 declares that “we are a new creation in Christ Jesus. Old things have passed away and behold all things become new.” (5) Now by the blood of the Lamb I have been made the righteousness of God, Now we walk in righteousness consciousness vs sin consciousness…2Co.5:21 (6)

This mindset expects to be used by God in the earth even as our elder brother Jesus was and the mystery of the ages, Christ in you the hope of glory will be made manifest for the world to see in the saints. 1Jn. 3:8, Co. 1:27 (7)

This mindset understands that we start out as children of God Jn. 1:12 (8) when we are born again and that we are to grow up into maturity into the head, Jesus Christ, as sons of God (no longer children). Ro 8:14 (9) and it’s the sons who do the work of the Father. Ga. 4:17 (10)

This mindset looks forward to the fullness of Christ being formed in us. Ga. 4:19 (11)
Finally, this mindset shares in the love and communion of the Father and the Son and out of that flows their heart and mind! Jn. 17:21 (12)


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  1. Simon mudada

    This is truly a work with kingdom mindset. I wonder how I can continue receiving such a great insight concerning the kingdom of God.