Bible Verse Lookup Tool

From our friends at Victory Ministries:

“I’ve done a lot of reading over the past two years — effectively being mentored by the likes of Blackaby, his two sons, Brennan Manning, John Eldredge and many others. Some really amazing teaching is available on the topic of “hearing God’s voice”. Many of the authors teach and site real-life examples that help me understand how God speaks to us contemporarily (or here in 2012).

One of the more intricate experiences that I’ve had lends itself to deepening my understanding of the verse that talks about God knowing every hair on my head. I’m learning that that statement may just be a very large understatement. He knows us way better than that. Some may write this off to coincidence, which is fine, but after 2 years of consistent occurrences, I’m finding this hard to discount.

It seems to me, and I want to emphasize that this seems unique to ‘a’ way that God speaks to me, but whenever I have a spritually significant event, be it a conversation, or unique opportunity to love on someone, God then draws my attention to a digital clock and the digits are lined up (ie. 4:04, or 4:44, or 7:07, or 9:09). It happened today, my young son sent me a txt message asking if we could be a safe-harbor for one of his friends tonight, by the time I got the txt and responded is was 2:02, he sent me the txt at 12:12. Weird? Well, yes… unless it’s been consistent for 2+ years.

God woke me up 3 times one night: 12:12, 1:01, 2:02. About 3 months later, He woke me up 3 days in a row at 4:44am.  I knew this one referred to a Bible verse, don’t ask me how I knew that. So the big question was which section of the Bible? There were probably a lot of 4:44 or 44:4 chapter:verse combinations in the Bible, how would I find them all, let alone figure out which one the Lord was leading me to?

Of course, we don’t want to fall into the trap of ‘numerology’ but with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and His inspiration I believe that God does indeed speak to us via ‘coincidence’ and reoccurring themes where He draws our attention to the time at just the right instant.

With all that said, we’ve built a tool that will allow you to quickly figure out what the viable options are for a particular time of day number sequence. This will help you quickly figure out what the options are, then it’s up to you and the Holy Spirit to discern what He’s actually trying to tell you and which one resonates.”

And that’s why we came up with the Bible Verse Lookup Tool.



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