Soulical Adultery by Craig Hill (audio)

Soulical Adultery audio series provides a great introduction on our hearts, how our hearts were designed, how they work, why we get so conflicted sometimes and how to begin to heal our hearts.

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Craig Hill and Family Foundations International has been a friend of the Identity Project from its inception. Craig has developed an arsenal of material that is uniquely able to help God’s people not only understand God’s Word but also how to apply the Word in our given daily situations. I call Craig “a heart doctor” because he understands that so much of life flows from our hearts. We would do well to also understand our hearts, how they work, what affects them, how we can build up and not tear down our hearts. Consuming and apply Craig’s materials will go a long way to each of us becoming “a heart doctor” so that we can live the life our Lord Jesus Christ paid for us.

“The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” Luke 6:45 Are our hearts full of love, peace and joy? Or are they mixed with unforgiveness, resentment, anger, confusion, doubt and unbelief? God has given each of us the job of overseeing our hearts. Like a garden, we are to be the caretakers or gardeners if you will, of our hearts, to root out the bad stuff and promote the good. Understanding and practicing the keys in Soulical Adultery will go a long way in doing just that.

God designed us to have a romantic “soul tie” with our spouse. A romantic soul tie might be defined as two married people sharing their thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams intimately, deeply and passionately.

God designed this tie to be within the bounds of marriage. Outside of marriage it is soulical (mind, will and emotions) adultery. The deception is that it almost never starts out with two people deciding to become intimate in the mind, will and emotions. But without us understanding how the heart works, many will and do fall into the trap and are snared before the realize what’s going on.

Soulical adultery is not well understood, and many people find themselves far down the road of an emotionally adulterous relationship before they even pick up the danger. Craig says, “Falling in love, (the feeling or romantic love) is neither mystical nor magical. It is a very simple sowing and reaping process. ”Once you understand the seeds of soulical adultery, you can choose to never plant those seeds and never have to battle romantic feelings toward someone to whom you are not married.




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