Sterling Inc. (a communication technology company) invited our ministry into their company as their LIFE COACH. The management has made a decision to surrender all for Christ and make Him priority one in all their decisions. Sterling is taking a Christ-centered approach, endeavoring to be truly integrated in their thinking and linking their faith to their business. We lead an open (voluntary) chapel service which includes praise, worship, prayer and searching.  After chapel, I make myself available in the office for a couple of hours for employees that would like to stop by with their cares or concerns.

“Bringing on a LIFE COACH seemed to be the logical next step in our commitment to Christ centered leadership. That decision is beginning to adjust the culture; prayer is now a staple in sales meetings, Chapel is well attended and the staff is testifying to personal growth.”

“In David Platt’s new book “Radical” he speaks of successful business owners that are reorienting and mobilizing their companies for the sake of Christ. We believe the leaders of this company are on the cutting edge of what God is doing and we get to be involved!

Going into a company on a regular basis is an extension of the Marketplace Apostle ministry to business people, especially for those “sold out” to God’s purposes  and for those that desire to be used to fund end-time, kingdom work. Praise be to our Maker!



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