Jesus at Work

In looking at Jesus going about the Father’s business, we see him speaking ( or commanding, requiring or calling for) to the spiritual and natural realms of life. Jesus in not looking to the Father for help. Jesus knows who He is and that He has been given all authority to do the work He is doing. The application of power has to do with authority and Jesus has been given all authority.

Examples of Jesus at work – pay attention of His ‘prayer’.

1. The Leper – Matt 8:1

2. The Centurion’s Servant – Matt 8:13

3. Peter’s Mother-Inlaw – Matt 8:14

4. The Sea is Stilled – Matt 8:23

5. Demons Cast Out – Matt 8:28

6. Paralytic Healed/Forgiven – Matt 9:1

7. Two Blind Men Healed – Matt 9:27

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