A New Day – A New Way

Loving the world as God loves the world.

EX. Jesus—Zaccheus, woman caught in adultery, many healings, Matt.9:35-38

We are the Body of Christ—What did Christ’ body do when He was here on the earth?

What should “it” being doing now?

Somehow we have the notion that we cannot be involved with “those” who are in the world.  Although the Bible does talk about being separated from the world, what the essence of it is…don’t let your heart go after the things of this world.  Don’t let your heart become entangled with the things of this world.

All that Jesus ministered to was “the world”.  There were no Christians yet!   Ro.5:8

How many of us have offended our families because “they” are in the world and we are “in” the church?

It has become an “us” and “they” mentality.  Jesus didn’t have that.  When He saw suffering, He identified with that person.  He met their need.  Then if they wanted, He shared some “good news”.

We need to stop being afraid of “getting our hands dirty”.  Or, worrying we will backslide or no longer be a Christian if I am serving someone who is not a Christian.

Those are exactly the ones that Jesus came for.  Those must be the ones that we go to!

How do we go?

1) It takes the heart to carry this out. Is our heart ready? Matt.9:35-38, Ez. 11:19

2) Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send you

3) Expect God to send you into the path of one that needs you and what you have

4) Be willing to put your schedule aside to serve

5) Be hospitable, invite the strangers to dinner, coffee or to Washington Park concerts

6) You don’t have to be an “expert”, just offer to help as you can

7) Be joyful, thankful to God for leading you into divine appointments

8) Follow up, go after them (they are the wounded and hurting-they need you to be strong)


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