10 Lessons to Learn from Gideon

1.   Our nature, apart from God, goes after other gods (i.e. “goes a-whoring, “plays the harlot”)

2. He hears our cries. —  Jer. 29:112-14

3. He calls His people mighty, valiant, for the Lord is with them.

4. God want to display His power over evil, the devil, and injustice.

5. Individually—hearing God—talking and walking with Him, He delights in it—Trusting Him.

6. Pursue, overtake and recover all—Don’t stop until the enemy is totally routed (devastated, terrified).

7. Make sure confidence is in the Lord, not “bretheren”. –Succor& Penuel

8. It’s not enough to be used by God, we must be lovers of God, intimate in relationship, “Doing (ministry) must flow out of our excess w/ the Lord”

9. Not enough to defeat the enemy, we must establish the kingdom of God here—a habitation of the Lord in this place

10. Heart of Gratitude to the Lord is our protection—remembering what  the Lord has done—continually giving testimony of His greatness


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